Our Integrations

A suite of easy-to-implement tools to strengthen your HR offering.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On allows clients to seamlessly and securely access your HR Support Center directly from within your software platform. No separate logins or passwords to remember. Just a single entry point. Not only does it streamline things for your clients, it’s a powerful way to drive adoption and usage of your HR solution.

Single Sign On Advantages

  • Streamlined authentication process
  • Available to all users with HR Support Center accounts
  • Built with HRAnswerLink’s proprietary token authentication process

User Management API

Managing clients’ HR Support Center and HR On-Demand accounts has never been easier. Our User Access API allows you to create, manage, and delete client accounts from your own software system, rather than having to manage separate accounts in the HR Support Center. Now your client databases can always stay in sync.

Ask the Pro API

With our Ask the Pro API, you can bring the expertise of our HR Pros directly into your software platform. Your clients can submit HR questions and see our HR Pros’ responses as they manage their employees and businesses, all within a secure system using the latest technology.

eAlert API

Bring cutting edge HR content directly into your software platform with our eAlert API. By hosting our stream of regulatory and practice changes, you’ll be able to keep clients up-to-date on the latest changes affecting their businesses. It’s a quick, convenient way to enhance your website and help clients protect their businesses.

HR Plug-Ins API

Enhance your software with our library of HR plug-ins — short, simple tips to guide clients through the HR issues and decisions they make on a daily basis. Use the tips to advise your clients and promote your HR Support Center.

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